Witch Cat

The Witch Cat is an Epic pet that was released with the Halloween 2021 update & could have been hatched from the Pumpkin Egg.

The Witch Cat has a current starting value of 11,466 gems.

Witch Cat Pet Sim X Value 2022

Witch Cat pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

hacked raccoon pet simulator x
hacked raccoon 453,800

glitched phoenix pet simulator x
glitched phoenix 369,200

glitched unicorn pet simulator x
glitched unicorn 325,200

Witch Cat pet simulator x
Witch Cat 316,800

festive dragon pet simulator x
festive dragon 255,000

pumpkin cat pet simulator x
pumpkin cat 234,000

festive dog pet simulator x
festive dog 199,155


People Also Asks

Is Witch Cat rare in Pet Simulator X?

The Witch Cat is an Epic Pet in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained from the Pumpkin Egg with a chance of 0.22%.

Which pets are available in Pumpkin Egg?

Pumpkin Egg has Zombie Bull (56%), Zombie Squirrel (42%), Zombie Corgi (3%) and Witch Cat (0.22%)

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