The Storm Axolotl is a Legendary pet that came with the Axolotl Ocean update. It can be hatched from the Axolotl Egg.

The Storm Axolotl has a current starting value of 533,478 gems.

storm axolotl pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

pixel goblin pet simulator x
pixel goblin 20,880,000

glitched immortuus pet simulator x
glitched immortuus 15,004,000

hydra axolotl pet simulator x
hydra axolotl 14,900,000

storm axolotl pet simulator x
storm axolotl 14,740,000

pixel corgi pet simulator x
pixel corgi 14,400,000

north pole wolf pet simulator x
north pole wolf 14,040,000

pixel chick pet simulator x
pixel chick 11,880,000



People Also Asks

What is Storm Axolotl?

Storm Axolotl is a Legendary rarity pet in Pet Simulator X. It is a re-skin of Axolotl. There are four different variants of it, Normal, Golden, Rainbow, and Dark Matter.

How much is Storm Axolotl worth?

The current Storm Axolotl value is estimated to be around 15,000,000 diamonds for the Dark Matter version.

How to get Storm Axolotl?

Storm Axolotl can be hatched from an Axolotl Egg. This egg can only be obtained by unlocking the Deep Axolotl Ocean.

The normal version of the egg currently costs 35,000 Rainbow Coins to purchase, while the Gorden costs 315,000.

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