Purple Hoverboard

The Purple Hoverboard is a Hoverboard Skin in Pet Simulator X. It can be obtained by unlocking Hardcore Mode.

People are eager to test out the new material in Roblox Pet Simulator X because it is one of the most popular games on the platform. How can you enter the new locked mansion in Spawn World that has just appeared in the game? With the help of this guide, we’ll explain!

How to get the Purple Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X

First of all, you need to be in Hardcore mode. This requires that The Void area is unlocked and that you have 25% Mastery.

Once that’s been activated, go to the Purple House in the town area that has a lock on it.

You are now required to get your total Mastery points to 372. Your current total can be found by pressing on the pet button at the bottom of the screen and then hitting the pink star icon to open up your Mastery.

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