Pet Simulator X All Pets – All Eggs and Prices (July 2022)

Pet Simulator X, as the name indicates, has a plethora of animals to acquire. As a result, we’ve compiled a full list of every Pet Simulator X pets, as well as the matching eggs from which they can be hatched. There are numerous available, so you’ll have plenty of fuzzy buddies to look after in no time.

Our Pet Simulator X pets list will go over every possible companion in the game, as well as how much they all cost. We then go through the greatest pets that you should certainly add to your roster before going over how to get new pets.

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Pet Simulator X All Pets

The list of pets that are included in Pet Simulator X is shown below. We’ve included the critters that spawn from each sort of egg since different kinds of eggs might produce different kinds of pets. That way, if you want to add a certain creature to your collection, you’ll know which eggs to prioritise!

Cracked EggDog, cat, bunny, white bunny, dalmation300 coins
Spotted EggCow, piggy, chicken, chick, noob1,000 coins
Wood EggLamb, bear, fox, monkey, corgi4,500 coins
Grass EggSquirrel, black bear, raccoon, parrot, tiger12,500 coins
Beachball EggTurtle, blue fish, green fish, goldfish, hydra35,000 coins
Coconut EggUgly duckling, flamingo, ducky, shark, kraken110,000 coins
Rock EggGecko, elephant, happy rock, griffin175,000 coins
Geode EggBat, orange gecko, bull, Immortuus, Mortuus375,000 coins
Snow EggSnow cat, snow dog, deer, Arctic fox, frost dragon650,000 coins
Ice EggPolar bear, walrus, seal, penguin, snowman1,100,000 coins
Icicle EggSnow squirrel, snow leopard, ice slime, husky, Icemortuus1,900,000 coins
Yeti EggPuffin, snow ram, cheerful yeti, angry yeti3,750,000 coins
Cactus EggDesert cat, bobcat, panther,lion6,000,000 coins
Spiked EggSant turtle, camel, armadillo, slime, black widow9,250,000 coins
Obsidian EggFire cat, fire dog, dragon, fire horse, phoenix22,500,000 coins
Magma EggHell fox, hell bat, lava slime, Flamortuus, three-headed dragon80,000,000 coins
Dominus EggDominus Infernus, Dominus Frigidus, Diminus Empyreus, Domortuus1,000,000,000 coins
Enchanted EggFroggy, cyclops, enchanted cat, enchanted elephant, peacock, enchanted deer, fairy7,500 Fantasy coins
Relic EggGreen cobra, purple cobra, goblin, crocodile, dino, king cobra, sphinx95,000 Fantasy coins
Samurai EggPanda, axolotl, white tiger, red panda, samurai bull, samurai dragon235,000 Fantasy coins
Rainbow EggCotton candy lamb, rainbow fish, rainbow slime, cupcake, unicorn1,000,000 Fantasy coins
Haunted EggSkele, ghost, reaper, willow wisp, shadow griffin, Agony, phantom wolf3,500,000 Fantasy coins
Hell EggHell chick, hell rock, hellhound, hell spider, demon, hound of Hades, Wyvern of Hades10,000,000 Fantasy coins
Heaven EggAngel cat, angel dog, dove, heavenly peacock, pegasus30,000,000 Fantasy coins
Empyrean EggEmpyrean snake, Empyrean stallion, Empyrean fox, Empyrean dragon, Angelus350,000,000 Fantasy Coins
Pog Egg (now unavailable)Pog cat, pog dog, pog dragon, pog Immortuus11,000,000,000 Fantasy coins
Metal EggCyborg cat, cyborg dog, cyborg bunny, cyborg dragon3,000 Tech coins
Tech EggCyborg ducky, cyborg panda, cyborg Mortuus, cyborg Dominus10,500 Tech coins
Titanium EggCyber bunny, cyber raccoon, metal skill, A-3632,500 Tech coins
Dark Tech EggCyber fox, robot, happy computer, techno cat, M-2 prototype, M-6 prototype115,000 Tech coins
Steampunk EggToy mouse, cat magician, steampunk octopus, steampunk bat, steampunk wolf, sophisticated fox475,000 Tech coins
Mechanical EggDucky magician, mining mole, steampunk crocodile, steampunk fish, mechanical spider, blimp dragon1,650,000 Tech coins
Lab EggReversed cat, reversed dog, stacked cat, stacked dog, stacked Dominus5,000,000 Tech coins
Pumpkin Egg (now expired)Zombie bull, zombie squirrel, zombie corgi, Witch Cat225,000 Candy
Eerie Egg (now expired)Ghost Cat, pumpkin cat, vampire bat, werewolf, the Grim Reaper, ghoul horse120,000 Candy
Cursed Egg (now expired)Vampire bat, werewolf, the Grim Reaper, ghoul horse, huge pumpkin cat750,000 Candy
Alien EggBleebo the Alien, Meebo the Alien, nine-eyed lion, Meebo in a spaceship24,000,000 Tech coins
Martian EggGleebo the Alien, astronaut cat, Alien Axolotl, star surfer, Alien Parasite62,500,000 Tech coins
Planet EggJelly alien, alien arachnid, red fluffy, blue fluffy, galaxy fox173,000,000 Tech coins
Glitch EggGlitched Cat, Glitched Dog, Glitched Dragon, Glitched Dominus, Glitched Unicorn, Glitched Phoenix, Glitched Immortuus500,000,000 Tech Coins
Hacker EggHacked Raccoon, Hacked Cat, Hexigator, Hexolotl, 404 Demon, Huge Hacked Cat3b Tech Coins
Axolotl EggCamo Axolotl, Chill Axolotl, Lumi Axolotl, Midnight Axolotl, Storm Axolotl, Empyrean Axolotl35,000 Rainbow Coins (Golden = 315,000 Rainbow coins)
Pixel EggComing soon525k-4.72m Rainbow Coins
Spotted Pixel EggComing soon1.85m-16.6m Rainbow Coins
Rainbow Pixel EggComing soon9.25m-83.3m Rainbow Coins
Easter EggBlue Marshmellow Chick, Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Dog, Chocolate Frog, Chocolate Hippo, Easter Cat, Easter Lamb, The Easter Bunny, Green Marshmellow Chick, Pastel Sock Corgi, Pastel Sock Bear, Pastel Stock Bunny, Rainbow Unicorn, Starfall DragonFree (found in world)

As you can see, there are hundreds of different animals that you may choose from in Pet Simulator X. Considering that each egg can only produce one pet, gathering them all will be an enormous undertaking. Some pet kinds do, however, show up in more than one egg variation, so you may strike it fortunate and hatch a more expensive egg with a more expensive creature inside.

What Are the Pets in Pet Simulator X?

The focus of Pet Simulator X is on pets, as the name may imply. You should have as many of them as you can because they are the primary means through which you may earn additional money in the game.

Your Roblox avatar will be followed about by pets who will earn cash for you, and the more levels your pet has, the more coins they’ll bring you. In the same way, you may swap pets in the game’s internal transfer market to find better travelling companions who can make money more quickly.