Pet Sim X Auto Hatch Script | Auto Farm, Auto Eggs, Auto Golden/rainbow & More

A brand-new free pet simulator X hack is called Pet Simulator X Script 2022. The script has many features, like Autofarm, Walk speed, and Free Gamepass.

Greetings, beloved cheaters of cheatersouls. In this post, I’ll demonstrate the pet simulator X script, which is free to use and has remained completely unnoticed for a very long time. You DON’T require synapse x exploit for pet simulator x script 2022, as shown in the headline. Almost every exploit is supported by this script. You may utilize the free pet simulator GUI, for instance, with the vega X or jjsploit exploit.

Pet Simulator X Script 2022 Features

  • Main
    • Auto Farm Speed
    • Auto Farm
    • Instant / Auto Orb Pickup
    • Free Game passes
    • Auto Redeem Rank Rewards
  • Universal
    • Walk Speed
    • Jump Power
    • Anti AFK
    • Non Detected
  • Credits

The photos above and below demonstrate how rapidly you can improve with this trick. I’m holding the maximum number of coins allowed in the game in both images. Ironically, I am ranked as an insane hacker in the top image. Furthermore, despite the fact that this trick just has a few functions, you will find it to be incredibly helpful.

Pet Sim X Arceus X Script


_G.Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255)

How to Use Pet Simulator X Hack?

  1. Click the “Visit Script Page” button and wait 10 seconds for redirection!
  2. Copy the script from the Soul Pastebin site (do not download anything)
  3. Play the Pet Simulator X game
  4. Start your Roblox executer.
    • (If you don’t have Roblox exploit you can search on the cheater soul website! [like “exploit”])
    • You can use jjsploit, vega x or duckysploit free Roblox executor.
  5. Inject the exploit and execute the free Pet Simulator X Script!

Note: Scripts could cease functioning if a game update occurs. If so, please let us know by leaving a comment so that we may update this tutorial with the most recent scripts after making sure they function.

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