Pet Sim X HUGE SANTA PAWS Value September 2022

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The Huge Santa Paws is a Limited / Exclusive pet that came with the Christmas 2021 update. It could have been hatched from the Insane Christmas Egg at a .5% chance.

The Huge Santa Paws has a current starting value of 400,000,000,000 gems.

huge santa paws pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

huge pixel cat pet simulator x
Huge Pixel Cat 550,000,000,000

huge pony pet simulator x
Huge Pony 500,000,000,000

blue big maskot pet simulator x
Blue Big Maskot 400,000,000,000

huge santa paws pet simulator x
Huge Santa Paws 400,000,000,000

huge lucky cat pet simulator x
Huge Lucky Cat 350,000,000,000

huge forest wyvern pet simulator x
Huge Forest Wyvern 340,000,000,000

huge gargoyle dragon pet simulator x
Huge Gargoyle Dragon 330,000,000,000

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