The Huge Festive Cat is an Exclusive pet that came with the Christmas 2021 update & hatched from the Egg of Many Gifts at a 0.00002% chance.

The Huge Festive Cat has a current starting value of 170,000,000,000 gems.




huge festive cat pet simulator x



  Pet Name Value

huge forest wyvern pet simulator x
Huge Forest Wyvern 340,000,000,000

huge gargoyle dragon pet simulator x
Huge Gargoyle Dragon 330,000,000,000

huge hacked cat pet simulator x
Huge Hacked Cat 290,000,000,000

huge festive cat pet simulator x
Huge Festive Cat 170,000,000,000

storm wolf pet simulator x
Storm Wolf 120,000,000,000

galaxy dragon pet simulator x
Galaxy Dragon 105,000,000,000

signature big maskot pet simulator x
Signature Big Maskot 100,000,000,000

In Pet Sim X the huge festive cat pet is the same as the regular cat except that it has larger eyes, paws and ears. It has a bigger mouth. It is a re-skin of the Huge Cat in the game. There are currently three different variants of the Huge Festive Cat in the game. 

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Huge Festive Cat

What does HFC mean in Pet Simulator X?

The pet sim game is one of the most popular games that is available in the market. This game allows the users to take care of the pets, dress them up, and give them a good life. The game also allows the users to collect various items and customize their pets. One of the interesting features of this game is that it offers a festive cat. The game provides a lot of exciting features to the users.

The huge festive cat is a special pet which is best part in the game. This is a huge pet in the game. This is a gift which is provided by the developers. The code is unique and will give you Huge cat. The users can also use the code in other games which are provided by the developers.

The huge festive cat is the third pet in the Pet Game. This huge cat is very expensive and requires millions. The developers offer a lot of other pets such as a dog, a fish, and a chicken. These pets have price in the game. The users spend a lot of money in order to buy these pets. The developers provide the players with a discount if the users spend a lot of money in the game.

How much is Huge Festive Cat worth?

Huge Festive Cat is currently worth 3,400,000,000,000 diamonds for the Rainbow version in Pet Sim X. Huge Festive Cat is available for both PC and Mac.

How to Get Huge Festive Cat?

The game is a fun and interactive way to play with your cat. You can walk around in the virtual world, pet cats, feed them, and even take care of them. Huge Festive Cat in pet sim X can hatch from the Egg of Many Gifts We can also get HFC from the Insane Christmas Egg.

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Egg of many gifts

In Pet Sim X, you can find Egg of Many Gifts from Christmas World. It cost 1,250,000 Gingerbread.

It includes the following pets in game:

  • Rudolf
  • Silver Dragon
  • Santa Paws
  • Huge Festive Cat
  • Silver Stag
  • Festive Elf
  • North Pole Wolf

In 2016, Insane Christmas Egg appeared as an Easter egg in The Sims 4. As with the 2016 release, it was only available in the Premium Edition. In 2017, it became available in all editions of The Sims 4. It cost 1,200 Robux to purchase in Pet Sim X game format. Game contains many pets which makes it attractive and gorgeous.

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It contained the following pets:

  • Huge Festive Cat which has 5% hatch rate
  • Silver Dragon (Rainbow) which has  65% hatch rate
  • Santa Paws (Dark Matter) which has 30% hatch rate
  • Huge Santa Paws which has 0.5% hatch rate

Huge Festive Cat Hatch Rate in Pet Sim X

The chance of a Huge Festive Cat hatch rate can be increased by breeding the male to the female of Many Gifts or Insane Christmas Egg, which increases the chances of having a Huge Festive Cat by 0.00001% and 5%, respectively.

Huge Festive Cat Egg Hatch Rate

The Festive Cat Egg hatch rate can be increased from an Egg of Many Gifts with a hatched egg, which increases the chance of a Festive Cat egg by 4.8%.

Festive Cat Hatched

The chance of a Festive Cat hatched from an Egg of Many Gifts can be increased by breeding the male to the female of Many Gifts, which increases the chances of a Festive Cat hatched by 0.0028% from the Egg of Many Gifts.

Huge Hacked Cat Enchant

A unique enchant “Best Friend” is most commonly used hack to give birth to All “Huge” pets. This enchant will make your pet more attractive and strong

What is the code to get Huge Festive Cat in pet Sim X?

The code for Huge Festive Cat is: pet-4060e7deb6 (YT Snug Life’s code) pet-1fa5ef45cc (YT RazorFishGaming’s code). These codes are used to get hfc in Pet Simulator X.

How to Unlock a Huge Festive Cat?

 Unlocking a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X is simple, but it does take some time. If you want to unlock a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X, you will first need to purchase a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X, which can be done in-game by visiting a store or in the real world by purchasing the game from a retailer. Then, you need to wait until the game updates and you need to wait until the update is available. Once you have the update, you can go to the main menu, then to the “Pet” menu, and then to the “Animals” menu. You will then need to scroll down to the Festive Cat and click on it. Then, you will need to click on the “Add” button. Once you have added the cat, you will need to wait until the next update comes out.

Unlocking a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X is easy, you just need to complete a task in the game. The first step is to play the ‘Christmas Tree Lighting’ mini-game. Once you’ve completed the mini-game, the Festive Cat will be unlocked.  There are three different ways you can unlock a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X. You can use a code, buy the pet directly from the pet store, or breed the pet with another pet. You can also find out how to unlock a Festive Cat in Pet Sim X in our guide to unlocking pets in Pet Sim X.

As you grow your pet, you’ll be able to purchase different items to improve its health, such as vitamins, supplements, and medicine. The more your pet is fed, the healthier it will be. The more your pet is walked, the healthier it will be. You can also purchase a variety of toys and treats.

Are you missing gems and pets in Pet simulator X?

This is not an error with the game. Gems are not being removed, but you are probably losing them due to an issue in your account. If you are logged into your Steam Account you can visit the “My Games & Apps” section. From there click on the drop-down menu next to your Steam Games, then choose the “View Your Game Library” link. There you should find all the apps and games you own. Choose “Games” from the drop-down menu. You can search by name or select “All Games” to see everything on your list. At the bottom of the list click “View Game Library”. Is there a way to fix it? yes!

Please note that the following instructions are applicable to both PC and Mac users.

Second, go to Settings > My Pet > Inventory and make sure that the gems and pets are showing up in the inventory. If you can see them, but they aren’t showing up in the inventory, try moving your pet into a different location or relogging. If this doesn’t work, try closing the game and restarting your computer. Please also note that if you have purchased gems or pets via the App Store, your purchases will not appear in the inventory.

Third, check your game folder to see if there are any duplicate items. Items such as the gems and pets can duplicate, so you may need to delete the ones you do not wish to keep. To do this, go to Documents\Pet Simulator X\Saved Games\XPSand navigate to the gem or pet item in question. Open it in Finder and click “Show Package Contents.” Locate the “.gem” or “.pets” file in the “Contents” directory and drag it to the Trash.

After doing these three things, gems and pets should begin to appear in your inventory and/or in the bank again.

What pet in Pet Sim X is more powerful?

If you’re looking to find out what pet in pet Sim X has the most power, you’ll want to know what kind of pets you should keep. This is because each type of pet has its own set of skills and powers. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is find out what kind of pet you want to raise.

In Pet Simulator X   right now, the Empyrean Dragon is the most valuable. The most expensive item in the game is a single Empyrean Dragon. If you get lucky enough to find one in the wild, they can sell for over $100,000 USD. If you do manage to catch one though, be prepared to pay a lot of money for it.

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