Huge Dragon in Pet Sim X

Pet sim x is a virtual reality game where players take care of animals in real-time. The objective of the game is to nurture your animal companions, keep them happy, and learn from their behavior. By feeding them, playing with them, and training them, you can develop your unique skills to help your animal friends survive. Using real-world technology, your virtual pets can move, talk, and interact with their real-life pets. The game takes place in the homes of the characters, who use their unique personalities and lifestyles to create a fun experience for everyone. In this article you will get information about huge dragon in pet sim x.

Huge Dragon pet sim x

The game is free and available on Facebook. How does it work? You can play pet sim x game as many times as you want. Each time, your pet will be different. You’ll start with a limited amount of food. To make more money, you can sell items to other players. In addition, the game pet sim x will offer various interesting events. For example, there will be a Valentine’s Day event where you can dress up your pets for special occasions. And there will be a Halloween event where you can decorate your pets for spooky times.

What is the huge dragon in pet sim x?

There’s a huge dragon in pet sim x! It’s called Big Dragon. If you want to find out where the dragon lives, you can check the map. If you’d like to catch him, he lives in the desert. The “Huge” Dragon is an exclusive pet that can only be obtained by buying or trading in one of the plushies from the game. Big Dragon’s size is around 1.25 meters (around 3 feet). If you have the time and patience to build a guild of players and wait until the Rare drops, then the Big Dragon is the most unique pet out there.

How much is Huge Dragon worth?

The current Huge dragon value is estimated to be about 900,000,000,000,000 diamonds for the normal version. Other pet plushies that are available are Huge Dog, Doggie Dog, Little Dog, and Puppy.

How to get Huge Dragon?

Huge Dragon can only be bought from the Big Games official shop. This plushie comes with a coupon for an in-game Huge Dragon pet. You’ll need to visit the official Minecraft website to get your free code for this game item.

Huge Dragon Enchant

Some big dragons are born with the unique enchantment “. This enchantment will make your pet stronger than any pet.

How rare is a dragon in a pet simulator?

An Epic Pet is a Dragon Pet in Pet Simulator 2. This is a great addition to any gaming system! that can be obtained from the Spawn Egg at a 0.01% chance, or (1 in 10,000 eggs) located. There’s a reason why these pets are so rare! They’re incredibly rare. This huge dragon is incredibly rare, being one of the rarest pets in the game.

Alert about this pet!

You should never buy anything from third-party vendors on the internet including the plushie code, and if you get a ban, you must buy it from the Roblox Store. You can get this pet/plushie, the only one of its kind, in one of two ways: through player trades, or by purchasing it at BigGames Official Shop. You are taking a huge risk when buying pets online. There’s a high chance that the seller will scam you and you could get scammed.

How to find the plushie code? Go to the Big Games Official Shop and click the “Pets” tab. Click on the plushie code for the plushie you want. Copy the code from your browser’s address bar. Send this code to the vendor you want to buy from. They will send you a confirmation email, and you will need to reply to them with the code they sent you.


  • This is the 8th Huge pet to be in Pet Simulator X, alongside the Huge Dog.
  • Rewarding this pet to you will grant you the new title of ‘The King of Diamonds’ and the ability to summon a new pet called the Rainbow Hoverboard.
  • The Dragon Plushie is available for purchase on EpicDrops.
  • This pet will give you 1,000,000 gems (Merchandise Achievement) and the Rainbow Hoverboard. If the achievement/hoverboard has already been claimed, you won’t get any additional rewards.
  • This adorable dragon plushie will steal your heart! It’s currently available on EpicDrops.

How much is a normal dragon worth in pet simulator X?

Empyrean Dragon200,0001,000,000
Glitched Unicorn2,500,0007,200,000

Latest versions of new pets in pet sim x

As of 18th November, here are the latest valuations of some of the new pets (via Funzone):

  • Rainbow Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – 10 Trillion
  • Huge Green Balloon Cat – 3.5 Trillion
  • Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – 2 Trillion
  • Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – 800 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Egg – 65 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Dragon – 22 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Tiger – 13 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Cat – 9 Billion
  • Neon Twilight Wolf – 7 Billion
  • Golden Huge Neon Twilight Wolf – TBA
  • Golden Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – TBA
  • Golden Huge Green Balloon Cat – TBA
  • Rainbow Huge Neon Twilight Dragon – TBA
  • Rainbow Huge Green Balloon Cat – TBA

Pet Simulator X Value List November 2022

There is no set date on which Roblox will actively update these values. They will continually change unpredictably.

  • Galaxy Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Nebula Dragon: 190 Billion Gems
  • Storm Wolf: 180 Billion Gems
  • Galaxy Pegasus: 180 Billion Gems
  • Domortuus Astra: 180 Billion Gems
  • Chest Mimic: 140 Billion Gems
  • Signature Big Maskot: 128 Billion Gems
  • Electric Slime: 125 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Darkwing: 115 Billion Gems
  • Nyan Cat: 115 Billion Gems
  • Dominus Astra: 110 Billion Gems
  • Mushroom King: 110 Billion Gems
  • Noobortuus: 110 Billion Gems
  • Og Doge: 100 Billion Gems
  • Storm Dragon: 100 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Angelus: 90 Billion Gems
  • Sapphire Phoenix: 80 Billion Gems
  • Blob Fish: 80 Billion Gems
  • Guest Noob: 70 Billion Gems
  • Hell Chest Mimic: 65 Billion Gems
  • Sad Cat: 57 Billion Gems
  • Sock Monkey: 55 Billion Gems
  • Grumpy Cat: 50 Million Gems
  • Stacked Doge Noob: 35 Billion Gems
  • Pterodactyl: 42 Billion Gems
  • Lava Scorpion: 18 Billion Gems
  • Storm Agony: 17 Billion Gems
  • Sock Corgi: 17 Billion Gems
  • Starfall Dragon: 15 Billion Gems
  • Super Cat: 15 Billion Gems
  • Blobenstein: 14 Billion Gems
  • Wicked Empyrean Dragon: 12 Billion Gems
  • Yee Haw Cat: 9 Billion Gems
  • Punkey: 9 Billion Gems
  • Lucky Cat: 8 Billion Gems
  • Rainbow Unicorn: 8 Billion Gems
  • Fairy Queen: 7.5 Billion Gems
  • Sea Dragon: 5.5 Billion Gems
  • Pony: 4 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 4 Billion Gems
  • Ice Cream Cone: 3 Billion Gems
  • Gargoyle Dragon: 3 Billion Gems
  • Otter: 2.5 Billion Gems
  • Super Corgi: 2 Billion Gems
  • Orca: 1.7 Billion Gems
  • Koala: 1.6 Billion Gems
  • Keyboard Cat: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • Rave Crab: 1.5 Billion Gems
  • HippoMelon: 1.5 Billion Gems

People Also Ask

Here are some most frequently asked questions:

What is Galaxy Dragon?

Galaxy Dragon is an exclusive rare pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It’s a re-skin of the Dragon pet. It looks good in blue and orange. Have you ever heard of the game Galaxy Dragon in Pet Sim X? Now you can, if you like dragons. They come from three different species, all with unique personalities, behaviors, and appearance. And of course, they can all fly, eat, grow and breed. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get started with them.

How much is Galaxy Dragon worth?

The current value of the Galaxy Dragon is estimated to be around 230,000,000,000 diamonds.

How to get Galaxy Dragon?

The galaxy dragon for sale in the exclusive shop is for a limited amount of time. It costs 5,000 Robux.

How many GEMS is a gargoyle dragon?

Gargoyle dragon eggs are available as level rewards, but only at certain levels, so you’ll need to purchase gems.

What is Storm Dragon worth?

 The Storm Dragon is an elite pet in Pet Simulator X game. The special edition was priced at 5,000 Robux, a much higher price. The storm dragon is a powerful pet in Pokemon X & Y. Its fire attacks, combined with its high base speed, make it quite formidable. And its special move, Dragon Rage, is devastating, allowing it to wipe out a lot of its opponents in just one attack. If you’re looking for ways to raise your level and learn new moves, then you might be interested in finding out what storm dragons are capable of. For more about huge dragon visit here.

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