The Huge Dog is an Exclusive pet that can only be obtained via code from buying an official Huge Dog plushie or from trading other players.

The Huge Dog has a current starting value of 0 gems.

HUGE DOG Pet Sim X Value 2022

huge dog pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

party cat pet simulator x
Party Cat 0

huge dog pet simulator x
Huge Dog 0

huge dragon pet simulator x
Huge Dragon 0


People Also Asks

What is a Huge Dog?

Huge Dog is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained via trading in Pet Simulator X. It is the Huge version of the Dog pet.

How much is Huge Dog worth?

The current Huge Dog value is estimated to be around 900,000,000,000 diamonds for the normal version.

Note that some people have received the plush early, so the initial price will be quite high.

How to get a Huge Dog?

Huge Dog could only be obtained by buying the Dog Plush from the Big Games Official Shop. The plushie had a tag attached to it that has a redeem code for an in-game Huge Dog pet.

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