Huge Dog in Pet Sim X

In this article, we have listed the most precious pets along with Huge dog in pet sim x you can get right now. In the most popular pets in pet sim x that you can get your hands on. It’s trading of pet sim x for pets you’ll be able to adopt a range of animals as you get to know them better and make your very own dream pet. The concept of trading pets has been adapted to add excitement to the game.

Huge dog in pet sim x

What is a Huge Dog in pet sim x?

A huge Dog is a rare Pet in Pet Simulator X. You can obtain it by trading in a Big Dog. The Huge Dog in pet sim x is an extremely rare Pet that you can obtain as a trade-in from any other pet, including the Big Dog. You will need to have the Big Dog and at least 3 Large Dogs (or 4 Small Dogs) as your trade-ins to get the Huge Dog. The Huge Dog has the highest stat of all the dog pets. The huge Dog is an awesome pet that looks like it is a gigantic version of a dog.

How much is Huge Dog worth?

The normal version of the Huge Dog currently sells for around 9 billion diamonds.

How to get a Huge Dog?

The Big Game Official Store sells only the Big Games Official Merchandise, which includes the Huge dogs in pet sim x. The plushie had a tag attached to it that has a redeem code for an in-game Huge Dog pet. The other pet plushie that could be bought was the huge dragon. These huge festive dogs are only available in the Big Games Official Shop and can be purchased with diamonds or in-game currency. 

Huge Dog Enchant

The “Huge” dog breeds like best friends. This enchanted item will make the pet stronger. The pet that is born with this enchant will be of your level (if you have not used a pet leveling system). This enchantment is permanent. These enchant will only be effective if the pet is not already leveled. This enchant has no cooldown and can be used once per day. If you want to change the enchantment of a pet that is currently level 1, you need to start over with a new pet. Pets with a “Best Friend” enchant will still have their original enchant when they reach level 20.

What is a huge pet worth in pet Sim X?

 At the time of writing, the most valuable pet is the rare Giant Mantis Mimic, which is worth around 15 Trillion Gems as a starting value.

Huge pet in pet sim x

Can you still get a huge hacked dog?

The hatch rate for a Huge Hacked dog is estimated to be less than 0.000009%. The rarest pet is considered to be one of the most endangered animals in the game.

Interesting Facts about Huge dog

  • This is the 8th pet to appear in Pet Simulator X, along with the Huge Dragon.
  • You’ll be able to redeem this pet for one thousand thousand gems and a rainbow hoverboard. The Achievement/hoverboard may have already been claimed.
  • The dog plushie is currently available on EpicDrops.

Important Alert about this pet!

Do not use any third-party service, including the plushie code, as it violates the Roblox Terms of Service, which can result in a ban. Big Games is a great store for plushie items! This Pet is obtainable by trade from other players. Buying pets online can be a huge risk because scammers sometimes pretend to be legitimate pet sellers. If you’re buying a pet online, it’s important to research the seller first. You want to find a trustworthy source that sells pets in a legitimate way.  The BigGames Official Shop is a safe, trusted place to buy your pets and collectibles. This plushie is an example of a pet that is not for sale. It was created as a demo for the game and is still available for players to try out. Please read the Plushie Rules for more information about how to play with these items. If you need help, please refer to our FAQs. **Note:** This plushie cannot be traded.

How do I get the Pog dog in 2022?

There is no catch. The Pog Egg is random, but it’s not free. You need 11 billion Fantasy Coins to get one Pog Egg. The good news is that there’s a 50.45% chance that a pog dog hatches from an egg. If you want to make money, sell your unwanted Pog animals. We know people who have earned thousands by doing this!

1. The only way to get the free Pog Egg is by playing the game. If you’ve already bought the game and haven’t played it, then this is a great opportunity to do so. It will only take a few minutes. Note: If you are having trouble getting free Fantasy Coins, you can purchase them here.

 List of the strongest huge pets in Pet Sim X

Huge Pets

  • Rainbow Huge Cat: 38 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dragon: 31.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Dog: 27.5 Trillion
  • Huge Cat: 19.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Easter Cat: 14 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Storm Agony: 10.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Santa Paws: 10 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Easter Cat: 10 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dog: 8.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Dragon: 8.75 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.7 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pumpkin Cat: 8.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Forest Wyvern: 7.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Santa Paws: 7.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 7.4 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 6.95 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Lucky Cat: 6.7 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Super Corgi: 6.4 Trillion
  • Huge Pumpkin Cat: 6.35 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Forest Wyvern: 5.95 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Pony: 5.75 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 5.7 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Lucky Cat: 5.6 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Sleipnir: 5.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 5.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Super Corgi: 5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Storm Agony: 4.5 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Sleipnir: 4.5 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Floppa: 4 Trillion
  • Huge Santa Paws: 3.8 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Festive Cat: 3.4 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Floppa: 2.8 Trillion
  • Huge Storm Agony: 2.2 Trillion
  • Golden Huge Festive Cat: 2 Trillion
  • Rainbow Huge Backed Cat: 1.15 Trillion
  • Huge Dragon: 1.05 Trillion
  • Huge Dog: 1 Trillion
  • Huge Forest Wyvern: 700 Billion
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon: 670 Billion
  • Huge Lucky Cat: 600 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Cupcake: 600 Billion
  • Huge Rainbow Unicorn: 550 Billion
  • Huge Pony: 540 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Pixel Cat: 400 Billion
  • Huge Super Corgi: 350 Billion
  • Huge Sleipnir: 340 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hacked Cat: 320 Billion
  • Huge Festive Cat: 300 Billion
  • Golden Huge Cupcake: 225 Billion
  • Rainbow Huge Hell Rock: 150 Billion
  • Golden Huge Pixel Cat: 185 Billion
  • Huge Hacked Cat105 Billion
  • Golden Huge Hell Rock: 40 Billion
  • Huge Cupcake: 65 Billion
  • Huge Pixel Cat: 65 Billion
  • Huge Hell Rock: 15 Billion

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