The Huge Cupcake was added in the Mastery Update & can only be obtained as a lucky reward from playtime gifts.

Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake

The Huge Cupcake has a current starting value of 95,000,000,000 gems.

huge cupcake pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

storm wolf pet simulator x
Storm Wolf 120,000,000,000

galaxy dragon pet simulator x
Galaxy Dragon 105,000,000,000

signature big maskot pet simulator x
Signature Big Maskot 100,000,000,000

huge cupcake pet simulator x
Huge Cupcake 95,000,000,000

dominus astra pet simulator x
Dominus Astra 80,000,000,000

nebula dragon pet simulator x
Nebula Dragon 65,000,000,000

domortuus astra pet simulator x
Domortuus Astra 65,000,000,000


The Huge Cupcake is one of the most powerful pets in the game right now, so a number of players are looking at the different ways that they can get a hold of the companion.

As of writing, the Huge Cupcake is the rarest pet in the entire game, with a tiny drop rate that players will need to bear in mind before trying to get the pet.

People Also Asks

What is a Huge Cupcake?

Huge Cupcake is an Exclusive pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was added in the Mastery Update, and is a re-skin of the Cupcake pet.

It is one of only two Huge pets that is obtainable for free, the other being Huge Hacked Cat.

How much is Huge Cupcake worth?

The current Huge Cupcake value is estimated to be around 85,000,000,000 diamonds for the base version.

How to get Huge Cupcake?

Huge Cupcakes can be obtained from Gift 11 and Gift 12 of the daily Gift Rewards system.

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