How to Trade in Pet Simulator X

Collecting all the Roblox Pets is no small feat, so you need to know how to trade Pet Simulator X. It’s one of the most popular games on the entire platform, and one of the best ways to unlock high-level pets is by trading with other players in the lobby. Luckily, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about trading in Pet Simulator X.

We’ll give you some instructions on how to trade in Pet Simulator X, including how to initiate a trade and what happens once you’re in a trade lobby. We’ll also explore exactly what happens when you trade, as well as a warning about not accidentally swapping pets you want to keep!

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How to trade Pet Simulator X?

Initiating a trade in Pet Simulator X is fortunately quite simple to do. Tap your pets by selecting the pet icon at the bottom of your screen, then click the green and yellow arrow icon.



Your next task is to select a player to trade with. You can choose anyone in the lobby, but remember that they will have to accept your request before the negotiation begins. Tap on it, then wait to see if they accept, then you can start trading.

You can trade absolutely anywhere – you don’t even have to be near the player. As long as they are on the same server, the menu will work just fine. Seasoned players can unlock and enter the Trading Plaza behind the eggs in the Spawn World for around a million diamonds, but it’s a way to achieve the same goal.

What happens when I redeem Pet Simulator X?



If your Pet Simulator X trade request is successful, you can start trading some of your pets. Choose as much as you want from your inventory, wait to see what your trading partner offers in return, and click the “Ready” button if you’re ready to accept.

Once the other player also presses the Ready button, a three second countdown will occur before the trade is finalized – this is your last chance to cancel the trade if you change your mind .

What can you trade in Pet Simulator X?

You can trade pets and diamonds through Pet Simulator X’s trade screen. Although new players will likely trade pets with each other, high-level players trade pets for diamonds and vice versa, with the other animals acting as bargaining chips to reduce the cost of the diamond.

What you can’t trade in Pet Simulator X, however, are unopened eggs, boosts, and coins like Teak, Rainbow, and Fantasy Coins.

New players won’t be able to speed up their progress through biomes by requesting coins, but they can request Power Pets and Diamonds to buy more from the Traveling Merchant and Mystery Merchant, which can speed things up considerably .

Why should I trade Pet Simulator X?



Not only is trading Pet Simulator X a good way to speed up your progress with some high-powered pets, but it’s also great for getting pets you haven’t saved into your collection yet.

Many players offer to trade pets back and forth just to have them marked as “obtained”, which can help unlock badges and in-game bonuses like additional active pet slots. And, if you’re smart, you can trade rare pets for even rarer pets, going from something like the limited-time Pet Simulator X Easter Pets to the Huge Cupcake.

Of course, one thing you need to keep in mind is that transactions tend to be irreversible. If you accidentally offer a pet you wanted to keep, but the trade happens, chances are you won’t get it back. Trading scams are also common in other Roblox games like Adopt Me, so always be sure to only offer pets that you won’t want to come back down the line.

That’s it for our quick guide to trading Pet Simulator X! Now you’re ready to dive in and trade for the best pets in the game, so we wish you luck. While you’re here, be sure to also check out our Pet Simulator X values ​​list, so you know which pets are worth keeping and which are worth trying to get through the trade!

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