How To Make Dark Matter Pets In Pet Simulator X

wondering how to create Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X? Tired of watching others blow up boxes with their little army of Dark Matter buddies in this wildly popular Roblox game? Creating Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X is a lot easier than high-level players think. The rewards are definitely greater with better pets, but the general idea remains the same.

For now, Dark Matter Pets added with Update 11 are the most powerful type of pets in the game. Fluorescent Friends have taken over Rainbow Pets as the best option and have remained at the top ever since. This is your first clue on how to create your own.

For all the latest information on this hugely popular Roblox game, our Pet Simulator X Easter update guide can help you get started. And for some ever-helpful buffs, the Pet Simulator X code page can also give you free boosts.



How do I create Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X?

Crafting these Dark Matter pets is pretty straightforward, once the requirements are met. Head to Dark Tech World and you will see a Dark Matter Machine. This is where you can cook your pets in a better variant.

Simply click on the machine and select the rainbow pet you want to turn into a Dark Matter pet. This will then filter out the rest to show only duplicates of that animal. The reason is that you can add multiple animals of the same type to speed up the dark matter process.

You’ll still only get one pet, though, so you probably don’t want to use multiple particularly hard-to-get pets just to save yourself some time. Unless you’re really in a rush, putting high-powered pets individually will result in a much more powerful team of former Rainbow Babies.

How to Unlock Dark Matter Pets in Pet Simulator X



You need to meet a few simple requirements before you can start creating your own Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X.

All you have to do is unlock the Dark Tech biome – the second area of ​​Tech World. Here you’ll find the Dark Matter Lab, where you drop off rainbow pets that you want to transform into Dark Matter versions over time

Originally, unlocking Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X meant leveling up five Rainbow pets, 35 Gold pets, or 350 regular pets. Nowadays, you can access the Dark Matter machine as soon as you reach it in the Dark Tech biome of the Tech World.

What are dark matter pets in Pet Simulator X



Don’t even know what Dark Matter pets are in Pet Simulator X? For the most part, you can think of them as the follow-up (or sequels) to the Rainbow Animal phase.

Just as Rainbow Pets are stronger than Golden Pets, Dark Matter Pets are even stronger. And just like only golden pets can become rainbow pets, only rainbow pets can become dark matter pets. It’s like an upgrade path.

Dark Matter pets are three times stronger than Rainbow pets and have three times the stats to go with it. This means they are 15 times stronger than regular pets and worth aiming for if you have high powered pets and a little time to kill.

Which pets can be turned into dark matter pets?

Most pets can be thrown in the oven to make a Dark Matter Pet Simulator X buddy, but there are a few exceptions. Since only Rainbow Pets can be turned into Dark Matter Pets, those that cannot be turned into Rainbow Pets (usually exclusives like the Huge Cupcake and the ‘huge Easter cat) cannot be thrown into the machine.

And that should be all you need to know about Dark Matter pets in Pet Simulator X. Crafting them can be a royal pain if you’re starting from scratch, but considering they’re the next level of powerful pets of the game, they’re one of the main things to aim for whenever you don’t grind another unlock gate.

If you’re between updates with nothing to do, consider trying to make a really rare Dark Matter pet. They will either allow you to quickly discover new content or get yourself a lot of diamonds through the Pet Simulator X trading market.

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