How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X is one of myriad unique Roblox games in the gaming world. You’ll be challenged in a virtual pet world as you make pets interact and bond with other animals. There are over 950 different pets to collect, ranging from domestic animals like cats and dogs to even more exotic creatures like ferocious dragons. Roblox Pet Simulator X is filled with adorable, little, pixelated pets to unlock. While many players wonder how to get the Cat Hoverboard, they are all out of luck. The Cat Hoverboard is a hoverboard skin in Pet Simulator X. You can get this achievement by completing the Mastery (Reach Level 99 in all of the Mastery Options). In this article you will learn How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X


  • The hint is ‘MEOW’, which is supposedly useless to help you.
  • Most hoverboards are really rare. Lots of videos have been made by the creators of hoverboards about how to get it.
  • This hoverboard is real after looking into the code of Pet Simulator X.

How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X?

Roblox is a gaming platform that provides many games to choose from according to your choice. There is a famous game called Roblox Pet Simulator X. You can get pets in pet sim x game by hatching the eggs. You can have pets like cats, dogs, and other creatures like dragons and more.

Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X

In Pet Simulator X, you collect gems and coins to unlock different parts of the game. In this simulator, you can create a virtual pet to play with your friends. You can unlock the pets or other features of the game by giving a certain number of coins or gems. You can unlock all the new worlds, biomes, and many other features of the game by playing the game.

How to Get Cat Hoverboard?

Different kinds of hoverboard skins are available for the game including cat hoverboards. Cat Hoverboard is the name of a hoverboard skin in Pet Simulator X. Cat hoverboards are only available to those who have enough Robux. You’ll need to reach Mastery Level (Lvl 99. You can only get the Cat Hoverboard in pet sim x once you’ve mastered all the skills in every category in the Mastery tab. It may be best to download a clicker, which will make getting the Cat Hoverboard less time-consuming. You can then use your auto-clicker to continually hatch the lowest priced egg. This gives you a huge advantage in this game.

How to Get the Cat Hoverboard in Roblox Pet Simulator X

To help you achieve the highest possible earnings in your Amazon FBA business, here’s the Golden Eggs Mastery. Then, navigate to the Glacier Biome. Make sure to stand perfectly centered to the horizon on the vertical line at the top of the biome.

In your settings, check that “Sending Pet Emails” is set to Singles only. Finally, if the cursor does not turn red at the base of the Glacier, or you can’t see any of the points on the Glacier, try zooming in further. Once your pointer is in the correct position, auto-click to send out your pets. You need to use the space bar to move your character forward; otherwise, you’ll just run in circles around your level.

Do this to level up your Coins, Vaults, Safes, Diamonds, Presents, Chests, Crates, and Lootbags. You may have to level some of your mastery categories manually. As an example, in the Conversion Mastery, you’ll need to convert all your cheap pets and repeat doing this until you’ve reached max EXP. I would love to do the same for Dark Matter Mastery and Fusing Mastery.

It’s time to journey to the Enchanted Forest. Choose a new pet and follow the prompts. In that case, just position the mouse using the auto-clicker and you’re ready to go.  Leveling your Boost Mastery category is the quickest way to get more Robux. You need to get Robux if you want to get rank rewards or boost your rank in the game. For all of your gift cards, you’ll have to wait until the gifts stack to redeem them. Buying a Cat Hoverboard If you want to get a cat hoverboard, there is a method of purchasing it. You can buy the cat hoverboard for $250. It comes in your choice of three colors: black, yellow, and white. 


In Roblox, you can play the Pet Simulator X game and a lot of other features. You can get the pets by hatching eggs and it’s really fun. It’s easy to unlock any feature in the game once you have leveled up your skills or you can buy it with Robux. Same is the case with cat hoverboards you can get it by paying Robux or completing the Mastery challenge. Cat hoverboards are the same as dog hoverboards in the sense that both require skill to complete but you can get it by paying Robux or completing the Mastery.

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