The Hippomelon is an Exclusive pet that was released with April Fools 2022 update. It was obtained by fusing 3 Festive Elves together.

Pet Sim X Hippomelon Value List

The Hippomelon has a current starting value of 5,000,000,000 gems.


  • Normal:💎750,000,000
  • Golden: N/A
  • Rainbow: N/A
  • Dark Matter: N/A

Pets Close In Value

 Pet NameValue

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Yee Haw Cat6,000,000,000

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Sea Dragon4,500,000,000

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Ice Cream Cone3,300,000,000

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Gargoyle Dragon3,000,000,000

How To Obtain Hippomelon In Pet Sim X?

This pet could’ve to be obtained by completing 3 Quests during the 2022 April Fools Event:

  1. Type in chat, “April Fools”.
  2. Giving another player any 3 pets (through trading).
  3. Fuse 3 Festive Elves.

People Also Asks

What is Hippomelon?

Hippomelon is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained via trading in Pet Simulator X. It was added in the April Fools 2022 Update.

How much is Hippomelon worth?

The current Hippomelon value is estimated to be around 750,000,000 diamonds.

How to get Hippomelon in Pet Sim X?

Hippomelon could only be obtained on April Fools Day, 2022.

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