Easiest Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is a unique game, that allows you to buy, trade, and grow pets. In pet sim x collect coins and gems to unlock the pets. You can use those coins to purchase new animals, buy plants and grow them on your farm and collect all the different fruit and seeds that you can plant. As you play the game, you will earn more experience points, the more experience you have the better you will perform when opening an egg. This allows you to unlock new skills and abilities that you may need to win this battle. Here you will find Easiest Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X.

Easiest Huge Pet in Pet Simulator X

With different features and prices, the pets in Pet Simulator X are unique and different from one another. You are now at the right place if you are interested in learning more about pets and their prices. Before you start buying pets, let’s take a look at how to get pets in the game. There are different ways to get pets such as: You can buy them from the store or through gift cards. You can find them by playing mini games or by completing tasks. 

What is the easiest huge pet in Pet Simulator X?

Pets in Pet Simulator X have different prices and sizes. In Pet Simulator X, you will need to build the Huge-a-Tron. To make the Huge-a-Tron machine in Pet Simulator X, you will need the Huge Pets. To get the Huge-a-Tron, you need to spend 10,000,000 diamonds to unlock it in Spawn World.

Once you have the Huge-a-Tron Machine, you will be able to merge Pets with a value of different point values. Each exclusive pet has a set amount of points that you need to combine to create a Huge Pet, and those points will come from different categories. Here are each type of Exclusive Pet and how much it is worth:

Companion I1
Companion II2
Companion III3
Other Exclusives3-5

When combining these pets, you’ll need to have achieved one of the following requirements when trying to make a huge pet:

  • 100 Points
  • 75 Points and 300 Robux
  • 50 Points and 800 Robux

Afterward, you’ll get the Huge Egg Machine that will hatch your Huge Pet. When it comes to which creature you will get, the Huge Pets that can hatch are a huge angleus (0.5% chance), Huge King Cobra (30% chance), Huge Pterodactyl (50% chance), Huge Chameleon (4.5%) chance, or a Huge Orca (15% chance).

What is the most common huge pet in pet simulator X?

The Giant Cat is a unique pet that’s only available to redeem. It’s impossible to hatch an egg and you can’t buy a pet for 10 billion gems. You’ll have to make do without for now. Only the giant cat is available to be acquired by redeeming. It is one of the best pets to own, and it can be bought at an astonishing cost of over $10 billion in Pets Simulator X.

How to get a free huge cupcake?

You can only obtain this specific pet by earning the “Gift Reward” for it through gameplay.  However, you can only earn the huge cupcake in the eleventh and twelfth tier of the gift rewards ladder.

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