Cracked Egg

The Cracked Egg is the first and cheapest egg that can be bought in Pet Simulator X for 300 Coins.


Cost: 300 Coins


Cost: 2700 Coins

There are two types of Cracked eggs in Pet Sim X.


The egg is egg-shaped, light-blue, and has a crack across the top, resulting in the name making it the Cracked Egg.


  • This egg is required to be purchased in order to complete The Tutorial
  • This is the cheapest egg in the game.
  • The Cracked Egg has the weakest pets in-game.
  • It contains all 3 Starter pets.
  • This was the first egg to be added/created in Pet Simulator X.
  • This egg is the egg that the tutorial tells the player to buy when they get 300 coins.

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