Coconut Egg

The Coconut Egg is the second cheapest egg in the Beach biome in Pet Simulator X. It costs 110k and it’s obtainable after unlocking the Beach area.

Cost: 110k

Available Pets

This egg contains five pets.

  • Ugly Duckling (40%)
  • Flamingo (40%)
  • Ducky (16%)
  • Shark (4%)
  • Kraken (??)


  • The Ugly Ducking, Flamingo, Ducky, and Shark were first introduced in Pet Simulator 2 in Beach Egg.
  • The model of the egg is the same one from Pet Simulator 2 as a Beach Egg.
  • Coconut Egg is one of the first eggs that has legendary.
  • This is the only egg that has its inside completely exposed.

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