Blue BIG Maskot Pet Simulator X Value in 2023

The Blue Big Maskot is an exceptionally rare pet that most players will never be able to obtain. This is a special pet, and you can only obtain it by completing Dress Up Achievements. Get the look of a BIG MASKOT! They’ll dress their avatar in the same style as the Build Into Games developer, Preston.

Blue Big Maskot
Blue Big Maskot

The avatar in this scene is wearing the Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire, the Big Games Box Logo T-Shirt, and the Chill. You get all three items for free, but you need to buy the other two from the Avatar Store. The first one that’s the most expensive is the orange ninja headband. It was so expensive you could buy a Ferrari. This item has a market value of over $95,000.

Rarity: Ultra-rare
 Estimated worth: 450,000,000,000 diamonds
 Released: August 2021
 How to obtain: You can obtained this pet by completing the Dress Up Achievement

How much is Blue BIG Maskot worth?

The current Blue BIG Maskot is worth roughly 520 billion diamonds.

How to get Blue BIG Maskot?

Big Masks (Blue BIG masks) can only be obtained by unlocking the “Dress Up” achievement. You have to wear this Roblox avatar. You’ll have to wear the same in-game Roblox avatar as BuildIntoGame, aka Preston, the game’s creator. Get the Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire. It is an extremely expensive limited item (95,000 Robux at the time of writing). Other items in the giveaway are Chill and BIG Games Box Logo T-Shirt (10 Robux). 

Did you know?

Blue BIG Mascot is only one of a few special pets that can become Golden, Rainbow, or Dark Matter.


  • You can’t acquire this pet because it requires you to have the Orange Ninja Headband of All Earth’s Fire.
  • This pet is a re-skin of the BIG Maskot. This pet can’t currently be obtained. This skin is currently only obtainable through special offers or bundles.

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