Pet Sim X Blimp Dragon Value September 2022

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The Blimp Dragon is a Mythical pet dragon with a blimp on its back that can be hatched from the Mechanical Egg.

The Blimp Dragon has a current starting value of 74,845,679 gems.

blimp dragon pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

pog cat pet simulator x
pog cat 4,335,000,000

pixel demon pet simulator x
pixel demon 1,476,000,000

m6 prototype pet simulator x
m6 prototype 503,200,000

blimp dragon pet simulator x
blimp dragon 485,000,000

m2 prototype pet simulator x
m2 prototype 473,280,000

dominus alienus pet simulator x
dominus alienus 472,000,000

Alien Parasite pet simulator x
Alien Parasite 429,000,000

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