Best Pets In Pet Simulator X

In January 2021, BIG Games Pets released Roblox Pet Simulator X, a multi-genre game. With more than 4 billion users visiting the game in a single year, it has a huge fan base. On a single server, this well-liked game may be played by up to 10 people.

In Pet Simulator X, users earn cash and uncommon and special pets through hatching eggs and collecting pets. These animals play a significant role in the pet simulation experience. There are about 950 pets to collect, all of varied rarity and cost.

Pet Simulator X

Here is a ranking of some of Pet Simulator X’s top animals. We’ll list each pet along with its cost, damage output, and where to get it in Roblox Pet Simulator X. Having stated that, listed below are all of Pet Simulator X’s top damaging pets:

The finest features of owning pets are brought to you by Pet Simulator X, and you may choose which pets are ideal for you. Coming home to a hyperactive golden retriever that will fully submerge you in slobber is the best feeling ever. The Pet Simulator will fulfil your desires of owning a pet if you are too afraid to do it in reality. You may select from a wide variety of animals to keep as pets.

Pet Sim X Best Pets Of 2022

However, be sure to go through our list of the top pets if you want to know which animal has ever been in the game.

Aesthetic Cat

Making its first appearance in Update 10, the Aesthetic Cat makes a great pet. With stats between 325,000 and 375,000, the Aesthetic Cat is, as the name suggests, an adorable pet you won’t want to miss out on in the game.

Huge Gargoyle Dragon

The Huge Gargoyle Dragon, an Exclusive pet that was launched in February, may be acquired from the Exclusive Pets Egg with a 2% chance. The Exclusive Shop in Roblox Pet Simulator X is where you may find the Exclusive Pets Egg, a Robux egg. One egg costs 800 Robux to hatch, whereas three eggs cost 2,400 Robux to hatch. Here you check Huge Gargoyle Dragon Values.

The pet, which is a gigantic version of the Gargoyle Dragon, was the first of its kind. Huge Forest Wyvern and Huge Pegasus were the first and second Huge Pets with the ability to fly, respectively, while Huge Gargoyle Dragon is the third. Additionally, it is the fourth enormous pet that may be obtained from a Robux egg.

Giant Cat or Huge Cat

This Giant Cat is a unique and special pet that can only be obtained by entering the code on the tag of The Cat Plushie, which can be found on the website of the Big Games Official Shop. The levels of this pet are barely about 10 billion. Huge Cats simply cannot hatch from eggs, making them one of the Best Pets in Pet Simulator X.

Huge Forest Wyvern

The Huge Forest Wyvern, an Exclusive pet that was launched in January, may be acquired from the Exclusive Pets Egg with a 2% chance of success. After the Huge Santa Paws, this is the second big animal to hatch from a Robux egg.

The second Huge Pet to be released alongside a group of non-huge Exclusive pets is the Huge Pegasus, and it has the same ability to float as the Huge Pegasus. Although it wasn’t given that name for whatever reason unless it was to be dubbed “Huge Nature Dragon,” this is a very large version of Nature Dragon.


With the aid of a Beachball Egg, the first legendary pet ever in the game may be acquired. The most recent addition to the game, a Tier 18 Hydra, arrived in Update 10. The Hydra is also the first three-headed pet in the game.

It will cost R$11,999 to acquire it from the shop. The Hydra is rated 4.5 stars and has four heads that are comparable to Mortuus, Domortuus, and Immortuos. It surely fits in the list of Best Pets in Pet Simulator X because of its legendary fame.

Dominus Damnee

A tier 17 egg may be used to obtain the Dominus Damnee. The base stats are 100,000 Coin Collection and 45,000 Agility, and it has a rarity of 4 stars. One of Pet Simulator X’s Best Pets is Ame Damne in her dominus form.

These were the top 10 pets in terms of likelihood of being obtained in the game. Any one of these requires a lot of grinding in order to be your unique pet.

Huge Santa Paws

The Huge Santa Paws is an Exclusive pet that can only be acquired from the Insane Christmas Egg, which will be released in December 2021. However, the likelihood that it will hatch is merely 0.5%. For 1,200 Robux each, the Insane Christmas Egg will be sold in the Roblox Pet Simulator X Exclusive Shop.

Huge Santa Paws, the most uncommon pet from the Insane Christmas Egg, is a larger version of Santa Paws. This was the eighth Huge Pet to be made available in the Roblox Pet Simulator X. The first huge pet that may be purchased using Robux is this one. It is not the first item that can be bought, though.

What is a pricing guide or value list?

A value or price list is often a list of objects from different Roblox games organized by their total or most recent trade worth. The most valued pets in Pet Simulator X that cost gems or diamonds are often listed in the game’s value/price listings.

People Also Asks

Which pet is the rarest?

The Blue Big Maskot is the rarest pet in Pet Simulator as the requirements for this pet are very expensive.

What is the rarity of Dominus Huge?

The chances of obtaining Dominus Huge is 0.000005%, making it one of the rarest pets in Pet Simulator.

Is Big Maskot a rare pet?

Big Maskot is not a rare pet as it is the only pet that does not hatch from an egg and falls under non-exclusive rarity. But you can obtain Big Maskot only once per account.