Pet Sim X Astral Axolotl Value September 2022

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The Astral Axolotl is a Legendary pet that came with the Axolotl Ocean update. It can be hatched from the Shiny Axolotl Egg.

The Astral Axolotl has a current starting value of 1,230,547 gems.

Astral Axolotl pet simulator x


Pet Name Value

silver stag pet simulator x
silver stag 48,600,000

pixel tiger pet simulator x
pixel tiger 41,832,000

pixel shark pet simulator x
pixel shark 39,744,000

Astral Axolotl pet simulator x
Astral Axolotl 34,000,000

pixel goblin pet simulator x
pixel goblin 20,880,000

glitched immortuus pet simulator x
glitched immortuus 15,004,000

hydra axolotl pet simulator x
hydra axolotl 14,900,000

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