The Angelus is a Mythical pet that looks like a god of angels. It can be hatched from the Empyrean Egg.

Pet Sim X Angelus Value

The Angelus has a current starting value of 61,111,111 gems.

Angelus pet simulator x



  Pet Name Value

Alien Parasite pet simulator x
Alien Parasite 429,000,000

a 36 pet simulator x
a 36 402,800,000

wyvern of hades pet simulator x
wyvern of hades 400,000,000

Angelus pet simulator x
Angelus 396,000,000

phantom wolf pet simulator x
phantom wolf 350,000,000

galaxy fox pet simulator x
galaxy fox 202,350,000

pixel wolf pet simulator x
pixel wolf 178,200,000

Angelus Pet Facts

  • This pet might be based on a biblical angel, known as a Seraph.
  • This pet has one re-skin, the Wicked Angelus.
  • This pet was the first to have the spinning effect, the second being the Wicked Angelus.
  • This is currently the best pet in Fantasy World.
What is the value of Angelus in Pet Simulator X?

The current Angelus value is estimated to be around 61,111,111 gems.

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